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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Thanks to the internet, individuals across the globe are connected with each other regardless of their distance and time. The electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. fuel the usage of internet. Today, organizations are leveraging smartphones as a means of reaching the audience. Similarly, through various digital channels, they are promoting their brands and generating leads/sales. However, satisfying the ever-changing demand of the customers and differentiating their products and services from others is getting burdensome. Companies require a solution that can help them fulfill their customer expectations as well as enhance their business growth. Arihant Global Services India Pvt. Ltd., an innovative digital marketing and mobility company completely understand the pain points of clients and the importance of customers for their business growth. Therefore, the company designs and implements agile solutions that help clients connect with their customers and resolve their business issues.

Connecting Clients with Audience through Novel Services

As an India-based outsourcing company, Arihant Global is leveraging APAC region’s tools and technologies through its associated Vendors and catalyst business module to deliver solutions that are agile, reliable, and easy to integrate into its clients’ business workflows. The company works in the outsourcing segment where it handpicks enterprises that are leading enterprise mobility service providers and helps them to promote their brands. It also assists them by promoting their products and offering using SMS broadcast services or over mobility solutions. In this way, the leading digital marketing company reduces the cost and saves time for its clients.

Arihant Global’s mission is to become a world leader in services and process scaling customer expectations and employee growth. Its Founder and CEORahul Kumar Jain and his team believe that best ideas can effortlessly move across channels, platforms, and media as well as promote people, brands, and products. The professional team of Arihant Global comprises of experts from technical and marketing fields. Using their experience and expertise, the team delivers high quality IT, mobility, and digital marketing services.

For SMEs and startups, the mobility solution providing company plays the role of catalyst that helps them accelerate and scale their business growth. The expert team takes time to understand clients’ business needs. Following this, they invest time in developing solutions, which has an outsider’s perspective and an insider’s commitment. These solutions include digital marketing, mobility solution, BPO services, HR solution, and IT services. To date, Arihant Global has been serving clients across India including IT, retail, Education, E-commerce, Automobiles, Hospitality, Banking, Finance, Hotels, Government, FMCG, etc through its associated Vendors and catalyst business module.

Skilled Team’s Philosophy for Delivering Better Solutions

In a highly competitive world, global leaders are creating new methods, products, and ideas to resolve problems from a new perspective. Thus, to conquer them and thrive ahead with new ideas, Rahul and his skilled team always follow the philosophy of delivering high-quality services and collaborating with strong vendors, adding a qualitative team as a skilled workforce, and giving total dedication to exceeding customer expectations. By observing the industry changes, they modify their strategy and develop solutions. Arihant Global’s LEAD program, which indicates Learn, Earn and Develop is at a startup phase. This program is going to assist in obtaining a competitive edge. The expert team has kept the learning point at its center and takes enforced measures to improve both the job environment and culture.

Keeping Up with Latest Trends and Technologies

Arihant Global understands that the market is constantly evolving and believes that staying ahead of competitors is possible only by staying in constant motion. Therefore, the IT service providing company follows and applies the following three important tips to gain a competitive edge.

  1. Expand the product line to reach new consumers,
  2. Do not blindly follow the trends,
  3. Think outside-of-the-box or categorize ideas.

It believes that approaching SMEs and startups and resolving their issues is the happiest moment for them because every customer is valuable.

Arihant Global’s Roadmap for Growth 

As an outsourcing segment company from the APAC region, Arihant Global aims to work with tech-savvy individuals from remote areas and train them according to the industry needs so that they can be a part of the industry trends in which the company is operating on. According to Rahul, every business somehow will move around with the mobility domain. As per the recent surveys, people are spending more than 3.5 hours on their mobile phones. Therefore, individuals are looking for mobile solutions that can satisfy their needs and at the same time, resolve their issues. In the future, there will be more boom of mobility solutions, as the usage of mobile and its application will continue. Thus, it is planning to offer its employees a larger and lasting vision to remain with the organization and working on future-proof mobility applications because it believes that integrity in work comes with longer lifetime goals.

The Masterminds behind Arihant Global’s Success

Rahul and Sunita Jain (MD) are the two powerful pillars behind Arihant Global Services. Both are leading the organization with their experience and expertise. According to Rahul, what sparked his interest in this industry is the shift from the traditional business model to the digital one. Since then, the industry is always being updated with new technology trends. Every time you start getting bored of it, it puts another innovative thing in front of you to learn and move forward. The same experience is also faced by my colleague here,” says Rahul.

As the MD, Sunita’s responsibilities are to manage various departments such as HR/Policy planning, employee relationship, legal documentation, and process management.

Under such leadership, the company has received numerous awards and accolades including 30 Best Indian Founded Companies 2019, Nominations for India 500 CEO Awards 2019, Entrepreneur of the Year 2018, Winner Of India 5000 Awards, Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers-2018, and THE BIZZ Awards For Business excellence and RAJASTHAN BEST BRAND AWARDS 2019 by #CMO Asia #World Marketing Congress, etc.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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