CEO & Founder Message


CEO & Founder Message

Dear Visitor,
I am pleased to welcome you to the new website of Arihant Global Services India Pvt Limited. This site represents our ongoing commitment to our clients, business partners and other Associates to provide an effective, convenient, comprehensive and accessible means of Communicating about our product or Services, and other newsworthy information about our Company and partner platforms.
As you would be aware that Arihant Global Services India Pvt Limited is the fastest-growing company in online Business consultancy with support for Digital Marketing solutions, Mobility, BPO & IT-based Services in India, and has also been a Business partner of IMIMOBILE Since 2010. We have a client across India including IT, retail, Education, E-commerce, Automobiles, Hospitality, Banking, Finance, Hotels, Government, FMCG etc.

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As IT Company using latest technology, advance support & online service/business fulfillment Arihant Global Services India Pvt Limited is committed to growth by strategically leveraging our business portfolio we always focused on innovation, quality, cost-effectiveness and superior value for our customers.
We will continually strive to bring bright tomorrow & create employments:

  • Increase Employee Independence and Self-Sufficiency
  • Provide Quality Services
  • Implement Proven Quality & Management Practices
  • Improve our solutions dashboard
  • Create Opportunities for Partnerships
  • Initiating Go Green Policy
  • Maintaining environmentally-friendly working conditions

Arihant Global Services India Pvt Limited is a creative online business consultant with focusing on CRM Solutions, Digital marketing & Mobility segments. We deliver strategic creative solutions to meet our clients’ business challenges; we call them Ideas that Move. We believe that the best ideas will move seamlessly across channels, platforms and media – they should move people, move brand and move product. More than anything though, they should move the world.
We are not in business for the making money only instead we’re in the business of connecting online consumer with proving proper platform of solution with higher support.
Our growth has been most satisfying because it happened for all the right reasons: clients liked that we focused more on their needs instead of ours. And they really appreciated our more reasonable services commercials or business association.
Our people will continue to be the driving force behind our success and growth. We zealously believe that the future of our group depends on the way in which Arihant Global cares for people.
This website will be a continuing work in progress and, as such, frequently will be updated to keep you informed of our latest services & contents which are meaningful to visitors. Please accept my invitation to re-visit the site from time to time to learn more about what we do, how we are implementing new technology and new products, and how we are growing. On this website, we have developed several new ways of browsing our wide range of products and have developed innovative tools to see the application of our products.
Happy surfing,arihant global
Cordially Yours,
Rahul Kumar
CEO (Chief everything officer) & Founder, Arihant Global Services India Pvt Limited
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Linkedin: Rahuljain
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