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We are running a LEAD program (Learn, Earn & Develop) on a regular basis.

Training is the 1st criteria to understand the company process and get selected @ Arihant Global. All employees should undergo a training program upon General Health & Safety, First Aid, and Security System. The Training will be conducted department-wise on scheduled dates. This training will be conducted for all employees to familiarize themselves with the company terms/Job roles & regulations, the business, systems and benefits and employees should be familiar about the dos and don’ts terms too.

This training will be conducted by our leaderships Team side.

About Internship/ Training Program

Internship is a practical experience opportunity offered by companies, to willing and capable beginners of a profession, for a fixed term. Internship is normally offered to the undergraduate students. It can be full time or part time for a fixed period i.e. 45/60/90 days/custom tenures/Agreement**.

There are many benefits of an internship. When you work you learn. It can add remarkable value to the Alumni’s career.

In internship the students get experience and practical exposure to their theoretical knowledge which they studied in the classes.

During internship the students get the chance to learn more about themselves and get connected with other interns and develop their personal network.

In an internship, the students are given the chance to showcase their skills, talents, commitment, and value to a prospective employer.

Here are a few things you may get while doing an internship /LEAD Program..


A mentor — an ordinary person, who is very different from most of the teachers you have seen so far

Everything here is out of Syllabus — you won’t be provided with a syllabus to complete. You will learn as you go. You may not learn anything if you do not take action

Seeing is believing — what you do may show up in a real product or a real customer may appreciate your work. Your contribution is often measurable and tangible

An opportunity to work in a team —most often you will be part of a team working on a project. You will find people hard to work with. You may also come across people who will help you out of the way.

You get to learn about the Industry, customers, competition and the real world of business.

You may get to realize your strength and interest. What you thought your primary interest may found to be not so when it gets tested in real world

You may get to see that a lot of tall claims of working hard are actually not so.

Last but not the least, you will get an opportunity to build relationships, make friends and choose your future workplace

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Process of Performance Appraisal of Arihant Global

The first step in the process of performance appraisal is to set up the standards which are used as the base to compare the actual performance of the employees. Certain criteria are taken into consideration to judge the performance of the employees as successful or unsuccessful and the degrees of their contribution to the Organizational goals and objectives.

The appraisal form is distributed in order to achieve the above said. The appraisal form contains two sets of questionnaires namely self appraisal form and feedback form, the former is to be filled by each individual about their work or achievement and the later is to be filled either by the superior or by colleague or by subordinate (peer group) about that individual concerned. The HR/L1 optional manager is the one who is authorized to decide as to who will give feedback about whom and a minimum of four feedback forms are filled for each individual. The form is designed in such a way that it is easily understandable and clear.

The employees are informed and the procedures are clearly explained which helps them to understand their role and to know what exactly is expected from them. The feedback is not disclosed to other employees and the individual concerned. It is also clearly mentioned that one should give comments on the basis of professional ground with a positive attitude, not on the basis of personal ground where there is chance of bias is filled with.

Measuring the actual Performance of LEAD Program


The most difficult part of the performance appraisal process is to measure the actual performance of the employees i.e. work done by the employees during the specified period of time. It is a continuous process which involves monitoring the performance throughout the year. This stage requires the careful selection of the appropriate techniques of measurement, personal bias should not affect the outcome of the process and provide assistance rather than interfering in an employees’ work.

After this a final sheet is prepared of every individual and comparisons are done on the basis of rating given by individual and the rating given by others. The actual performances received from both are compared and the result is concluded accordingly. The result includes recalling, evaluating and analysis of data related to the employees’ performance.

Professional Internship Program for MBA’s (Product Marketing) :

Interns undergoing this LEAD program gains hands on experience on Enterprise Mobility services. Services includes ready to use engines, API, solutioning and innovative ideation of our/Associates new products.

  1. Work with global and leading mobile data infrastructure & Enterprise Mobility solution provider
  2. Work for a new cloud-based product launched called Textlocal (Optional)
  3. Live work atmosphere
  4. Learning the entire sales structure
  5. Internship acknowledgement
  6. Opportunity/Option to work beyond the Internship
  7. Extended Internship will be liable for a work certificate
  8. Sales material and support
  9. Complete Sales training
  10. Mutual feedback mechanism
  11. Free location of choice
  12. Soft skill classes with role-play program
  13. The best performer will get rewarded.

एक कदम हम बढ़ाये क्यों न साथ इसे मंजिल बनाये 

Let’s Start something unique at AGSIPL! WISHING YOU A LONG AND REWARDING CAREER!!!


Sales training program in Jaipur

Arihant Global provides the most profitable Sales Training Program in Jaipur. Get your staff and members get skilled in sales and marketing with one of the most renowned and experienced companies in Jaipur. Sales are the part and parcel of any business. Without a good sales staff, you cant step up your game in other fields. That’s why Sales Training is necessary for companies to implement.




What is Sales Training?

Every business requires sales to get great business. A business will explore with its excellent sales, and this will lead you towards higher business opportunities. A proper sales training program will lead you to get good business opportunities and help you market your business effectively. The more your business is known the more you get orders and the more you get orders the more get the sales of your business.



Why Arihant Global for Sales Training Program?

Arihant Global can assist you with developing your go-to-market strategy and training your sales, customer service, and marketing staff for success. Buyers nowadays are more knowledgeable than ever before. They have more information, offer you less time, and enjoy bullying you into submitting prices. We at Arihant Global work hard to ensure that your sales staff grasp the Buyers’ Journey. Particularly in terms of qualification, discovery, and dealing with the collaborative buying process. All while training students how to manage pricing issues properly and negotiate with procurement.


We use a simplified design approach to provide tailored learning experiences that alter habits and produce greater sales outcomes, based on our proven content and technologies. If we do our work correctly, our clients will be able to implement what they have learned the very next day. so whenever you are looking for a Sales training program in Jaipur, make sure to get in touch with us!



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