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We are Catalyst center since 2010 and Promoting IMImobile solutions thru our business center, Join 225,000+ businesses who use Textlocal to send alerts, offers, links, files, forms, coupons, surveys and more.

In a world where customers can take so many different paths to a purchase, mobile touchpoints become a key differentiator. With 97% open rates, unique media-rich texts, comprehensive analytics, and unmatched ease of use, Textlocal SMS stands out as one of the most effective customer engagement channels.

Textlocal helps enrich your customers’ online shopping experience and improve your conversions by fully exploring the ubiquitous app on every phone, SMS! From order alerts, tracking updates and renewal reminders to advanced marketing campaigns and custom feedback forms, Textlocal makes your customer interactions easy, instant and personalized.

Textlocal is India’s market leading SMS-based marketing and customer engagement product. A multi-award-winning software, Textlocal has over 2,25,000 happy business customers – we are rated 4.8/5.0! We offer best-in-class features, superior user experience, fanatic customer support, robust technology backend, and excellent carrier relationships.

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