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[vc_row tlg_padding=”pt0 pb0″][vc_column][vc_column_text]Corporations are the backbone of the Economy; this statement is true for every developing or developed country. The reason behind this is quite simple as not only the corporate sector offers a better economic flow in a nation but also offers a plethora of job opportunities. But, Outsourcing Business models are what trending these days throughout the globe. Companies are being more and more progressive in teaming up with professionals who can help them to make their services better. It is where Digital Marketing Services industry plays a crucial role. And when it comes to Indian Digital Marketing Services sector, one company that rules it single-handedly is none other than Arihant Global® Registered brand of Arihant Global Services India Private Limited.

India’s Digital Marketing sector is growing with every passing day, and Arihant Global is at its apex. Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain, Founder of Arihant Global, started their company back in 2013. Their primary focus is upon providing companies tailor-made outsourcing solution so that everyone can enjoy the ease of creative production.

Before the idea of Arihant Global, Mr. Rahul conquered the online business segment. It was back in 2007 when he started to bring up his business to an online model. Mr. Rahul says, “Having a Business-oriented mindset, I started taking responsibilities and persuading commitments from the age of 11 years. Gradually, I understood that our world is full of bright minds who want to achieve success. But, with not just sheer hard work but with a touch of creative and skillful mindset.”

He adds, ”I came into the world of Online Business segment in the year of 2007 and worked hard in order. It helped me in a great manner. I was able to get a clear gist of how the online world works and got a chance to understand the whole of Digital marketing in an in-depth manner. That is why, in 2010, I started a Proprietary firm. Where, we worked on the core aspects such as building a reliable team with, establishing a network with clients and framing a proper vision for the company. And so, 2013, me and my better half, Sunita Jain, started Arihant Global as a Private Limited identity.”

Exploring the world of Digital Marketing and Outsourcing Business Module

Digital marketing has become such a quintessential part of the corporate world these days that it is inevitable to skip it. Growing a company’s presence on online platforms and the internet, in general, is a significant factor. Nowadays, Digital Marketing and Outsourcing of Business go hand in hand. Outsourcing means to be working with an established brand in its respective industry. It helps both of the corporations working together as they get more opportunity. Also, it is more comfortable as access to technology and resources become easier and broader.

Mr. Rahul says, “Leadership and resource management is the key to the growth and success of any company. Moreover, as I always had a liking towards the promotion and advertising aspect of the business, I started working in the mobility segment. Thus, Arihant Global become a company dedicated to Digital Marketing and Outsourcing business services.”

Initial Challenges and Hurdles

In the phase of Initiation, companies usually have a hard time as not only they have a limited set of resources, but also the finance options are narrow. Rahul Jain’s Arihant Global was no exception to this. They also had to face a handful of challenges, but slowly and steadily, they went past all the hurdles, ultimately reaching to their goal.

Mr. Rahul explains, “Initially, we faced the challenge of building up a team of individuals who not only were enthusiastic but also had a knack to survive in a competitive market. The reason behind this being an issue is because not many people like to work beyond their comfort zone. That is why we spent some time to find goal-oriented professionals.”

He adds, “After we had established a team, the next big hurdle was the allocation of resources and utilization of the skills our team possess. Just like any other company which has just started its working, Arihant global also had to make a balance between Infrastructural needs and workforce requirements. But, with constant effort, we were able to provide our client best services, and so, we’re able to overcome all such start-up issues.”

360o Outsourcing business solutions

Arihant Global is famous for its all-round services as they are a one-stop solution to all the business needs. They offer a pool of services ranging from Digital Marketing (which is their core) to IT-based solution and services.

That is what makes them desirable among the clients as they can help any new as well as established Enterprise from bottom up. Start-up Solutions provided Arihant Global is perfect for companies which are facing a hard time in setting up. Also, BPO Services provided by them are reliable and precise as per the Industry standards. Apart from these popular ones, they also offer Mobility solutions and IT solutions.

Though managing all of these services and solutions under one roof is much of a challenge in itself. But, Arihant Global has solved this issue with exceptional management and planning. Mr. Rahul says, “As we have to deal with a variety of products and services at the same time, we make sure that our team is capable of all-round performance. Also, we make sure that once we delegate a task to our team member, they do not get interfered. To make sure of this, we neither reallocate them a new task nor bother them to work on multiple projects. Lastly, Time management is where companies like us who deal with Mobility services face issues. But, once you get the gist of allocating the right task to the right person, things become pretty easy and straight-forward.”

Maintaining quality and building confidence

Nowadays, no matter what the industry is unless the service provider offers top-notch quality services, they cannot last long in the market. It is one of the reasons why being up to date with changes happening around the industry is quintessential. Mr. Rahul explained to us that to keep up with all the technological advancements and turns, one needs to take part in every small as well as significant activity. Arihant Global being a corporation which works on both online as well as ground level, makes sure that entrepreneurs do not face any struggle because of the market fluctuations.

He adds, “In order to make sure that our client’s needs meet and all the market analysis is to the point, we host E-meeting often. It helps us to coordinate with different wings of our organization at the same time. By following this strategy and providing world-class services, we have gained the trust of our clientele and years of professional relationship. Some of our major clients, such as IMImobile, are working with us since 2010.”

Company’s Motto and Achieved Milestones

Arihant Global works on the motto of maintaining a healthy and transparent relationship with their clients as well as employees. As For Employees, primarily, they work with the approach of “L.E.A.D.” Program. It’s like Masti ki Karyashala (Joys at work). Here, L stands for ‘Learn’, E stands for ‘Earn’, A stands for ‘And’, and D stands for ‘Develop Yourself’.

Under this approach, they mainly focus upon the development of work stability, employee motivation, and skill set.

  • Mainly objective of this program to remain to Stay positive/ Stay fuelled/ stay healthy

As Research shows that happiness raises business productivity by 31% and sales by 37% and we are committed to it.

  • Recognize every moment

pincle Arihant Global Services India Private Limited – The Pinnacle of Digital Marketing Services


Money is appropriate much of the time, but it’s not the only—or even the most effective—motivator. Treat employees as valued team members, not as numbers. We dedicatedly work on it so we can work out to increase productivity.

  • Have fun (Masti ki Karyashala/ Joys at work)

You and your team will be amazed at how motivating a little bit of fun can be, but it should be linked with the organization or employee goal.

You can get started on improving motivation in your workplace with any of these suggestions, and develop your own as well.

With this exceptional approach being a part of their workforce, Arihant Global has won several awards in recent past and have accomplished several milestones. From Awards like ’20 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers’ to ‘The BIZZ Awards for Business Excellence’, they have won both National as well as International awards.

In individual terms, the team at Arihant Global have also been performing exceptionally well. Mr. Rahul Jain won the award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2018 in the sector of Digital Marketing as well as recently claimed TAG as The 10 Influential Business Leaders to Watch in 2019″.

Some other Awards that Arihant Global has received in recent years are ‘Business APAC’s Futuristic Mobility Companies 2019’, ‘CMO Asia’s Rajasthan Best Brand Award 2019’, ‘Best MSME awards for quality excellence’. Also, they are the proud receiver of the ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from Silicon Review as 30 Best Indian Founded Companies.


Plans for Future

Currently, Indian Industries are focusing on the growth of the market. At the same time, the Indian Government is also helping new entrepreneurs to get settled quickly and comfortably. That is why Arihant Global is currently working on the process of expanding its reach of services to most of the metro cities and remote locations as well.

Mr. Rahul says, “We are planning to expand the regions where we offer our services/ IT Solutions for all kind of Business’s. Also, we are on the search to find tech-savvy Thinkers who want to work together and grow together. We are always open to exploring new things better for employment and Economy as well.”


In short: Arihant Global fulfilling the distance between buyer and seller of online promotions and customer engagement needs over mobility, sms alerts and digital communication thru its product expert team.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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