Rahul Kumar Jain: Exemplifying Professed Leadership

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Mobile communications are vastly spreading in India as well as in the whole world. The various messaging tool, surveys and daily routines of one’s life clearly show that mobility (a component of digital marketing) has become an inevitable need of the world in the fast-moving life. The main thing which helps the business grow is customer connectivity and satisfaction without disturbing their personal lives. Mobility is exactly doing the same, it is connecting the businesses and customers swiftly and smoothly. Hence the scenario is a very bright and rapidly growing future for the mobility industry; Part of Digital communication or life.

Websites and mobile apps are the digital forefronts of a business, which would rather be at the fingertips of customers when they need it. Digital marketing and mobility within businesses are about empowering your brand providing measurable and tangible results that help you stand out in today’s marketplace. To achieve this goal there are some unique Digital marketing service providers as required and just-in-time when one needs it.
Knowing the Man Who Made It Happen

Entrepreneurship has no age limit and providing the best customer services has no bar. He believes, simple and plain truth can lead anyone to the top. Meet Rahul Kumar Jain having an undying learning attitude and innate innovation which has made him an impregnable competitor in numerous business segments. Rahul, the Founder, carries more than 10 years of experience in Sales & Marketing. He has dealt with many business identities such as Telecom, VAS, FMCG, Marble industry. He skilled in B2B companies in India. Initiating his career at the age of 11, Rahul believes, there is no age for work and innovations. He takes pride to be awarded as “Entrepreneur of the year”, “The BIZZ award”, “Winner of Best MSME Awards” and many more accolades. His areas of interest include Business Association, Entrepreneurship, and consistent learning. His expertise also includes a huge experience in Sales, Marketing and relationship building.
Rahul, rowing through imprecise vision, facing several ups and downs, ultimately found the way towards a glorious life. He is amongst the millions who struggled, failed and surged towards victory, happiness, and pleasure. Self-motivation and exemplary confidence have led his business to the current state. He is accompanied by his better half Sunita Jain. Her seamless contribution, strong, never-ending support have made Rahul set up Arihant Global Service India Private Limited (India’s fastest solutions Provider Company in Mobility Domain and outsourcing module)

The company and its Unique services/products
Going back to history, the struggle to earn bread and butter started by selling Papad’s door-to-door facing rigorous challenges but gradually improving the ability and ultimately becoming an award-winning organization.
Arihant Global Services India Private Limited (called as Arihant Global) is structured and designed to give its customers a first-class experience, no matter what the company or deal size is. It is purely into the outsourcing module, which means the company is doing business exclusively for the wellness of others, just adding their skills to bridge the gap between customer and company. The firm places its customer experience management at the core of the business strategy. It majorly focuses on mobility and digital marketing segments. The domain has expertise in online business promotion, Text SMS, mobile survey, lead generation tool, client engagement, contractual callings, and next-level business promotion and mobile advertising solutions. The company deals in online solutions and services which connected to each size of businesses as of now. Company takes pride to call itself as an online Business consultant.

The solutions are awesomely designed to make them useful for retaining user contentedness. Their products produce the best ROI for the SME’s and SMB’s with easy availability. The services are exclusively made available on the cloud to utilize as per user convenience and affordability. Arihant Global’s In-house Sales and Marketing teams have multiple years of experience in selling SMS broadcast services, voice, missed call or other mobility solutions all over the country through its partnered business module. Thus the company continues to lead businesses on all fronts with customer-centric strategies.

Advising the Juvenile Enterprisers
Rahul believes that every entrepreneur should have a clear goal and then step for a business start-up. He thinks, building a team of self-motivated players and caring for them is imperative for a business to develop progressively. According to him being ready for the worst results and compromises at certain stages will take a person at the best level. Never losing hope in any situation and assuring full integrity in every small effort is the key Mantra for any achievement.

Businesses in India are making better progress and things are going digital rapidly. However, Now businesses are taking a proactive approach to training their workforce for the future and have clearly defined decision-making process of all executives and interactions. Planned strategy, employee coordination, transparency will lead to work strength and customer feedback/ survey will bring external benefits.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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