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Let us help you to grow through emails. We are the Best Email solution providers in India.

Best Email Solution Providers in India

If you’re searching for the Best email solution providers in India, you’ve come to the ideal locations.

As email is one of the most well-known ways of imparting, whether it’s for individual use or business, getting hold of a account is simple. By and large, you’ll have to join with an ISP and you have one account first off. Making an account with Google, Microsoft or other enormous names is another choice. Purchase the best web facilitating bundle and you’ll receive sufficient email locations to control a huge or small business, for no additional charge. Arihant Global provides the Best email marketing services. We are the Best Email solution providers in India.

email marketing

How Email marketing Helps Businesses?

Bulk emails are probably the most ideal way of correspondence and one of the legitimate strategies for doing advertising for brands. With the evolving situation, individuals are oftentimes utilizing their email, and hence the right email to the right interest group can produce a lot of deals and income. We at Arihant Global, one of the Best email solution providers in India, give email arrangements according to the client’s requirements.

Other than facilitated and in-house email promoting administrations, we have worked together with various associations. These associations are mass Business email specialist organizations that plan the email administrations according to the costing and proficiency of mail necessities.

Most likely, email advertising is one of the practical strategies for building your image and making a positive standing among clients. Here is the reason email showcasing is significant in the present field.

You can get the best email marketing services by the Best Email solution providers in India,  Arihant Global.

Best email solution providers in India SERVICES WE OFFER

Without breaking the bank, our services will give our clients a higher success rate. To learn more about the services we offer, please scroll down:

Email Resolution

Your company’s lead engagement rate can be raised with a customized email campaign. With the help of our knowledgeable email solutions, you can make a sizable profit. We offer highly secure bulk email and mass mailing software services. Our systems provide built-in data leak prevention, excellent mobility, and cross-platform accessibility. We guarantee that using our email solution will significantly increase your company’s profit.


Your time will be effectively saved, and company email protocols will become more flexible, thanks to anti-spam emails. We offer email services with potential differences in India. For your email, we have a very streamlined administrative email architecture. We use several levels of virus and spam prevention in our emails.


You may archive, keep, or retrieve any email at any time using our email archiving services. A condensed method of keeping an email is available. Additionally, you will receive tamper-proof storage for retrieved emails, automated email purging, and continuous storage.


Email server security can be enhanced with SSL certificates. The transferred data can be secured by this certificate. To protect data, our email service provider in India will supply email SSL certificates that can guarantee database security through malware scanning.


In the era of digital marketing, mass media is essential for business promotion. For a business, these emails may serve as non-fungible avenues for advertising. We offer the business extremely safe and efficient mass email solutions.

A Safe & Reliable Corporate Email Platform for Big & Small Enterprises

Professional email storage backed by Google and Microsoft, accessible through your domain name. storage of up to 30GB, usability, security, Outlook, and many other features.

Our Email Panel Dashboard:

Email Campaign Builder

Steps to Create an Email Campaign with our AGSIPL Email Platform:

1) Campaign Info: Enter Campaign name > Sender ID > Sender Name and choose Unsubscribe Group list.

Next you can choose the contacts to send via File Upload (CSV/TXT/XLS/XLSX) or you can enter contact’s email id one-to-one or you can choose pre designed Address Book which you can create in AGSIPL Email Platform as well. Enter Next.

2) Campaign Content: You can select campaign content by choosing Approved Templates, Use the rich text editor to create simple emails or Copy and paste your HTML Code

3) Campaign Scheduler: Send your emails right away or schedule it for a later time or date.

Email Template Creation

In our AGSIPL Email Platform, you can create email templates as well.

Steps to create Email Template:

1) In left sidebar, go to Email, select Template, select Create Template.

2) Here you can choose from a Basic template, pre designed Theme Template or Code Your Own.

3) Code Your Own: Here you can upload your email file which you have created through coding.

4) Theme Template: Choose from pre-designed themes such as E-commerce, Fashion, Newsletter, Real Estate, Services etc.

5) Basic Template: Choose from a basic layout and design your own email template through drag and drop builder.

Benefits of Email Services:

1) Cost Efficient: 

Emails are a cheap source of communication and are very much affordable. However, you will be needing ERP software to monitor leads and prospects.

2) Email Usage has Increased:

The use of Emails as a personal and professional mode of communication has increased drastically in the last decade. With the right Email solution providers in India like Arihant Global, you can maximize your marketing potential and ROI.

3) Emails are Personalized:

Emails are sent directly to the user and people use it in private, increasing the chances of completing the CTA in the email. You can send personalized emails to every group of audience.

4) Great way to Engage:

With the right email template and content, you can trigger a Call To Action from a prospect customer and lead him/her to call, reply back, fill form, visit website etc. You have control of your customer database and you can

email marketing

Why Arihant Global is best choice in Email Marketing?

We at Arihant Global provide email marketing, content marketing and digital marketing solutions. We are one of the most dependable and noticeable Email solution providers in India. Our email marketing services are customized and designated at the most pertinent group of buyers for your association.


Here is a portion of the justifications for why you ought to pick Arihant Global as your email marketing organization, the best Email solution providers in India:


> Business Consultancy
> Experienced and proficient group
> Industry-specific email content
> Engaging content
> Specialized Expertise
> Fitting Schedules
> Fitting Call-to-actions
> Utilizing Social media


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