What is DLT Registration? Why It Is Required for SMS Service In India?

  • Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a block-chain based registration system.
  • According to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), telemarketers have to be registered in the DLT platform.
  • It is being issued in the public interest to control the SMS spam from various marketing firms.
  • Earlier the bulk SMS providers were required to register with TRAI. Now the rules for DLT registration for bulk SMS have changed.
  • With the updated rules, whoever wants to send promotional or transactional SMS to their customers’ needs to be DLT registered.

What is an SMS gateway?

An SMS gateway is the means through which a computer can send or receive SMS messages. Often allowing for the conversion and sending of other forms of media or messages (such as email), SMS gateways will generally utilize the same mobile phone networks as the messages sent from mobile phones.

Unable to send messages in the night?

I am unable to send messages after 8:45 PM at night or before 9 AM in the morning. Why?

By default, you have configured a promotional account. As per TRAI regulations, promotional SMS can be delivered only from 10 AM and 9 PM (earlier it was 9 AM to 9 PM)

Transactional/Service implicit messages such as OTPs and order updates can be delivered 24×7. If you would like to send transactional SMS, contact your account manager or email us at info@arihantglobal.net to help to change your account to a transactional account.

If your business SMS requirements need both promotional and transactional accounts, we can configure both accounts free of cost for you.

What is meant by commercial communication?

“Commercial Communication” means any message, voice, or SMS, made through telecommunications service, which is transmitted for the purpose of informing about, or soliciting, or promoting any commercial transaction in relation to goods, investment or services.

What is Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC)?

Any commercial communication which a subscriber opts not to receive except:

  • Any transactional message; or
  • Any message transmitted on the directions of central government or state government or agencies authorized by it.

What is DND?

DND is a national ‘Do Not Disturb’ registry put into effect by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) to effectively regulate unsolicited commercial calls and messages. Telecom subscribers who do not wish to receive any promotional messages or calls can register to DND. The registration will be effective within 7 days of placing the request with the service provider.

Note: Transactional messages can be sent even if the subscriber is registered to DND. These messages are solicited by the end-user and do not contain any promotion, advertising or marketing information.

What are TRAI’s “Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulations”?

Low tariffs and direct reach to consumers have made SMS one of the most cost-effective ways of selling services and products. However, telemarketing has brought with it serious issues of invasion of privacy and has become a major irritant to customers. To regulate unsolicited commercial calls and messages, TRAI has notified “The Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulations, 2010”. All the provisions of regulations came into effect from 27th September 2011.

The complete guidelines can be accessed in the TRAI portal.

We, at Arihant Global, take subscribers’ privacy preferences very seriously. We enforce the prescribed regulatory guidelines across our platform/tie-ups to ensure all criteria are met throughout the customer lifecycle starting with account setup to daily ongoing operations. Our dedicated service, support team along with our account managers ensure timely approvals of appropriate messaging content, without affecting your communication needs.

What Is DLT?

The DLT platform keeps records of all the transactions made by the network participants.

It is mandatory as per the new TRAI regulations. Communication messages like OTP, verification codes, notification, etc sent by businesses to their customers need to be registered in the TRAI DLT platform.

There are multiple phases to implement the above regulation which mandated the use of blockchain-based technology known as DLT. Most of the telecom operators have already implemented the DLT system.

It’s aimed at creating more transparency and reducing the incidence of spam and fraud done through SMS.

We are helping our clients to taking special measures to offer regulatory compliant solutions in line with TRAI rules and regulations to create a more transparent system for communication. It enables you to send SMS to your leads directly through automation.

Updated TRAI Rules For Bulk SMS. DLT registration for bulk SMS.

To prevent customers from unsolicited commercial communication TRAI has revised the rules for telemarketers and enterprises for bulk SMS service in India. DLT registration for bulk SMS is necessary now.

It has formulated guidelines to enhance control and prevent any fraudulent practice. It also gives greater safety for the end-customer.

The companies who want to send promotional or transactional messages to their customers will now have to register themselves with telecom operators.

They will be accountable to telecom operators who will be directly accountable to TRAI.

The system is governed using block chain technology known as DLT and the whole panel entities will be interlinked with each other.

To help you understand the system it’s advised you learn about the commercial communication ecosystem. There are different types of entities involved in the process.

DLT SMS Categories Classification

SMS Classification

Please note SMS will be classified into four sections post implementation and Headers/Templates/Consents will be registered accordingly under each category

Please see the various message categories available in DLT below:-

  • Promotional SMS – This will be for Promo / Offer based sms (In short Any message with an intention to promote or sell a product, goods, or service)
  • Transactional SMS – This will mainly be for Bank related OTP type sms only (Reserved for BANK ONLY)
  • Service Implicit – This will mainly be for OTP from entities apart from banks and also other SMS related to transaction or feedback SMS will fall under this category (in short For SMS such as OTPs, order confirmations, important notifications regarding product and services such as purchase confirmation messages, order status, alerts, reminder SMS, etc. )
  • Service Explicit – Cross selling & Upselling or any information or security alert sms will fall under this category

You can claim our excellent bulk SMS services also.

Promo route header identification /Sender id 1st letter chosen based on industry

Promo SMS categories scenario based on 1st letter of promo number:

  • Banking/Insurance/Financial products/ credit cards. For ex. 123459, 167897
  • Real Estate. For ex. 265666, 268978
  • Education Eg : 397134, 321456
  • Health Ex: 467931, 444654
  • Consumer goods and automobiles Ex: 582974, 564123
  • Communication/Broadcasting / Entertainment/IT Ex: 631469, 693147
  • Tourism and Leisure Ex: 789456, 714369
  • Food and Beverages Ex: 896321, 816934
  • Others – Category that doesn’t appear in 1-8 Ex: 012389, 098654

Principal Entity

It’s the organization who’s sending SMS to the customers. It could be an individual, partnership firm, or any private and government entity.

As per the updated TRAI rules every entity has to be registered with the telecom operators in the DLT platform.

End Customer

The end customer is the mobile subscriber who will receive the SMS. S(he) can provide consent to receive promotional SMS from any business. (consent is valid for recent 6 month dates)

The end customer can set preferences, register complaints, and unsubscribe at any time as per the TRAI rules.

Service Provider

Bulk SMS service providers are the ones who provide this service to organizations or companies.

Every service provider must have DLT registration for bulk SMS to be registered on the DLT platform to send messages on behalf of the principal entity.

Telecom Operators

These are the access providers who would be directly connected to TRAI and help in the regulation process. Example: Vodafone Idea, Airtel, JIO, TATA, Smart ping, BSNL etc.


Regulatory compliance is established by the regulator, i.e TRAI. It audits and governs the operations to safeguard customers’ interests and prevent fraudulent practices.

Register as A Telemarketer Or Enterprise

The DLT platform lets you register as a Telemarketer or Enterprise. If you deal with customers and communicate with them through SMS you’re most probably a telemarketer.

Telemarketers are two types:

  • Telemarketer Aggregator: Doesn’t have a direct connection with the telecom operator. Could be an individual or company.
  • Telemarketer Delivery: Collects SMS/voice traffic from enterprises. Having a direct connection with telecom operators.

Telemarketers are the main source of sales for many companies. The most common form of telemarketing is outbound sales, where businesses need to communicate with customers through SMS or voice.

Therefore, it is necessary to register in the DLT platform as a Telemarketer to send promotional, Services and transactional messages.

On the other hand, Enterprises are businesses that deal with products or services that would like to connect with leads through SMS to increase their sales.

Your business needs to be registered in the DLT platform as per TRAI rule as an enterprise if you require to communicate with your prospects via SMS.

TRAI has mandated the registration of telemarketers and enterprises in the DLT platform. TRAI DLT Registration is a must-have process. Registration charges can vary depending on your service provider.

How TRAI DLT Registration Helps Enterprises and Customers?

Enterprises that run SMS marketing campaigns require to register themselves in the DLT platform according to TRAI guidelines. This has been introduced to initiate transparency of the functionalities of Enterprises.

It also helps TRAI identify the customers who initiate the SMS/voice service so that they can transparently use the service without any trust issues.

This has been implemented by all the operators and now telemarketers and enterprises can make the registration under any operator’s DLT platform following the above steps.

You’ll be receiving a unique registration number as per your registration as a telemarketer or enterprise on the first phase of TRAI DLT registration.

Customer Benefits

  • Elimination of spam and fraud’s been a concern for many years.
  • The use of blockchain technology ensures security.
  • Separate registration for telemarketers and enterprises gives more transparency.
  • Customer consent is required before sending the SMS, even the slot timing is selected by customers.

Enterprise Benefits

  • More targeted outreach to the customers.
  • All headers and templates are registered on the platform.
  • Better communication with the customers who actually want to receive information from you.
  • Improved marketing practices to reach your target audience.


TRAI regulations have been enforced by the telecom operators and the implementation can’t be pushed back.

With the sender names from the DLT portals, your SMS will be blocked by telecom operators.

We strongly urge you to register your business in the DLT platform and do DLT registration for bulk SMS so that you can run multiple SMS marketing campaigns to communicate with your leads and grow your business. To know more about TRAI DLT registration, contact your service providers.

Please reach out the DLT support teams for assistance, few Operators info as we are adding rest you can search over google and ping them directly.

BSNL DLT – please refer https://www.ucc-bsnl.co.in/spoc_support/

Videocon DLT – please contact dlt.helpdesk@vmipl.in

Vodafone Idea Ltd DLT – please contact support@vilpower.in or +91-9619500900

Jio DLT – please contact jio.ISOMCCSupport@ril.com

These information and images (as above) may be subject to copyrights, here we are using just for awareness purpose, we don’t have ownership of any contents/images in it, for more details Pl refer specific operator FAQs and updated DLT guidelines. In case if you have any problem/Suggestions with contents or images, Pl write us at: info@arihanglobal.net

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