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Supercharging Lead Generation for Dr. Manish Chinia's Practice

Through strategic website development, social media management, SEO optimization, and GMB management, Arihant Global Services transformed Dr. Manish Chinia online presence. Dr. Manish practice now benefits from a user-friendly website, improved lead generation, and a prominent online presence for attracting and engaging with patients.


Dr. Manish Chinia, a renowned Director and Consultant Gastroenterologist at Dr. Manish Gastro-Liver and Endoscopy center Sikar, Rajasthan. He has specialty and vast experience in Gastroenterology. He is one of the Best Gastroenterologist in shekhawati.


Dr. Manish Chinia faced the challenge of establishing a digital presence altogether. He lacked both in social media presence and website, hindering his ability to attract and engage patients and connect with them online. This meant:

  • Limited Patient Reach: Without a website or social media presence, Dr.Manish Chinia couldn’t reach a broader audience of potential patients actively searching for his services online.
  • Missed Opportunities: There was no platform for patients to learn about Dr.Manish Chinia expertise, offered services, or contact information. This resulted in missed inquiries and limited practice growth.
  • No Online Engagement: Patients couldn’t engage with Dr. Manish Chinia online, schedule appointments, or submit inquiries conveniently.


Arihant Global Services stepped in to bridge this digital gap. Their solution involved not just building a website, but also establishing a social media presence for Dr. Manish Chinia. This comprehensive approach aimed to:

  • Boost Online Visibility: Create a website optimized for search engines and manage social media accounts to increase Dr. Manish Chinia’s online discoverability.
  • Enhance Patient Communication: Develop a website that clearly communicates Dr. Manish Chinia qualifications, services, and contact details. Leverage social media to build trust and connect with patients on a more personal level.
  • Drive Lead Generation: Integrate lead capture forms on the website and utilize social media to encourage patient inquiries and appointment bookings.

By establishing a robust digital presence, Arihant Global Services empowered Dr. Manish Chinia to connect with new patients, build his reputation online, and ultimately grow his practice.

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Source Data: March 2024 insights basis*

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The combined efforts of Arihant Global Services led to significant improvements for Dr. Manish Chinia practice:

  • Top Rankings: Dr. Manish Chinia website achieved the top position for the chosen keywords for across major search engines. This resulted in a significant increase in organic website traffic.
  • Enhanced Lead Generation: The optimized website design and lead capture forms facilitated a streamlined process for patients to inquire about Dr. Manish Chinia services. This led continuous increase in online inquiries and leads submitted directly to Dr. Manish Chinia practice.
  • Multi-Channel Engagement: The website not only captured online form submissions but also facilitated direct calls and inquiries through WhatsApp, providing patients with convenient options to connect with Dr. Manish Chinia.
  • Social Media Integration: Establishing a social media presence for Dr. Chinia on relevant platforms. This would allow him to connect with potential patients on a more personal level, build trust, and share valuable information about his services.

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