Top 10 AI tools for graphic designers in 2024

1. Uizard: This AI assistant focuses on UI/UX design. Generate ideas, create mockups, build prototypes, and test designs with user feedback, all within the platform. Great for streamlining product design workflows.

2. A comprehensive AI toolkit covering various design aspects. Generate logos, illustrations, social media graphics, and even videos. Use AI-powered text effects, resize images without quality loss, and access stock photos.

3. Adobe Sensei: Embedded within Adobe apps like Photoshop and Illustrator, Sensei offers AI-powered features like intelligent object selection, automatic background removal, and one-click colorization. Enhance existing workflows and boost efficiency.

4. Fronty: Bridge the gap between design and development. Fronty's AI translates your designs into production-ready code for websites and apps, saving time and ensuring accuracy. Ideal for designers collaborating with developers.

5. Khroma: Unleash your inner colorist. Khroma uses AI to suggest complementary and visually appealing color palettes based on your chosen mood or theme. Take the guesswork out of creating harmonious color schemes.

6. AutoDraw: This Google-developed tool helps sketch your ideas with ease. Draw basic shapes, and AutoDraw suggests relevant objects and icons. Perfect for brainstorming and rough drafting.

7. Canva: While not purely AI-powered, Canva offers plenty of AI-assisted features, like Magic Resize for image upscaling, for background removal, and Magic Write for AI-generated text prompts. Great for social media design and quick creations.

8. Midjourney: An AI image generation tool capable of creating stunning visuals based on text prompts. Explore different artistic styles, generate surreal landscapes, or design futuristic concepts. Ideal for inspiration and concept art.

9. DreamStudio: Similar to Midjourney, DreamStudio lets you conjure images from your imagination. Experiment with various text prompts, control artistic styles, and manipulate details to create unique and unexpected visuals.

10. Though primarily a copywriting tool, Jasper offers AI-powered text generation for design-related tasks. Create catchy slogans, write compelling captions, and generate product descriptions that resonate with your audience.