Here are 10 points on how to search keywords on Google

1. Start with your main keywords: Identify the main words or phrases that best describe what you're looking for.

1. Use Google's suggestions: As you type in the search bar, Google will offer suggestions that can help refine your search or spark new ideas.

3. Refine with quotes: Enclose a phrase in quotes to search for it as an exact match. This is useful for names, specific titles, or unique phrases.

4. Focus on relevant keywords: Keep your keywords relevant to the information you seek. Vague terms might lead to overwhelming results.

5. Use boolean operators: Leverage operators like AND, OR, and NOT to control how Google interprets your search.

6. Exclude unwanted terms: Put a hyphen (-) before a word to exclude it from your search results.

7. Search within a specific site: Use the "site:" operator to limit your search to a particular website. For example, " climate change".

8. Explore related searches: At the bottom of the search results page, Google provides related searches that can broaden your horizons or help you discover more specific terms.

9. Don't be afraid to get creative: Combine multiple keywords and operators to create precise searches that target exactly what you need.

10. Review and adjust: After your initial search, review the results and adjust your keywords or strategy as needed to fine-tune your findings.