How can I recover my WhatsApp business?

1. Identify the issue: Is your account deleted, deactivated, or facing technical glitches? Understanding the problem helps choose the right recovery method.

2. Backup check: Did you regularly back up your data to Google Drive or iCloud? Existing backups are crucial for restoring chat history and account information.

3. Reinstall & Reactivate: For deactivated accounts, simply reinstalling and verifying your phone number on the original device might be enough.

4. Restore from Backup: If you have backups, proceed with restoration during app setup. On Android: Uninstall, reinstall, verify number, choose "Restore" when prompted. On iPhone: Reinstall, verify number, tap "Chat History" and "Restore from iCloud".

5. Contact WhatsApp Support: If restoring from backups doesn't work, or your account is deleted, reach out to WhatsApp Support through their Help Center or official email. Explain the issue and provide relevant details.

6. Consider using data recovery tools: Third-party data recovery tools are available, but use them with caution and only after exhausting official methods. Research reputable options and understand potential risks.

7. Migrate to WhatsApp Messenger: If recovering your Business account seems impossible, consider migrating your chat history and information to a regular WhatsApp Messenger account. Remember, this won't retain business-specific features like catalogs.

8. Secure your future: After successful recovery, implement a regular backup routine (daily, weekly) to Google Drive or iCloud. This ensures swift restoration in case of future issues.

9. Protect your account: Enable two-factor authentication for added security. Be wary of scams promising account recovery; only trust official WhatsApp channels.

10. Stay informed: Check WhatsApp's blog and Help Center for updates on features, policies, and recovery processes.