10 AI Tools for the Best Video Editing Workflow

1. Descript: Edit video by editing the script. Transcribe, sync dialogue, and make cuts with ease. Ideal for interview-heavy content.

2. Wondershare Filmora: User-friendly AI features like AutoReframe, Smart Scene Detection, and Music Tile. Great for beginners and social media video creators.

3. Runway: Experiment with cutting-edge AI effects. Slow down specific video elements, remove objects seamlessly, generate text-to-color grading, and even create generative video based on prompts.

4. Windsor: AI-powered scene detection and video summarization. Quickly identify and export key moments from long videos.

5. TimeBolt: Speed up or slow down your footage without compromising quality. Generate dynamic timelapses and hyperlapses using AI.

6. Vidyo.ai: Automatically enhance the clarity and quality of your footage. Improve resolution, reduce noise, and adjust lighting with AI.

7. InVideo: Generate short-form videos from text scripts. Leverage AI to find relevant stock footage, music, and voiceovers. Perfect for marketing and explainer videos.

8. DeepBrain AI: Automatically optimize audio levels and remove background noise. AI speech editing for clarity and emphasis.

9. Pictory: Smart video cropping and resizing for different social media platforms. AI-powered caption generation and translation.

10. FlexClip: Create engaging video intros and outros with pre-made AI templates. Apply AI-powered video effects and overlays.