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Virtual numbers are utilized to give one aim to all business correspondences and increase the value of advancing campaigns.Virtual number service provider in india It can follow and screen all such calls by sending approaching calls to preset numbers, recording such calls, and arranging framework notices. Arihant Global, the best Virtual number service provider in India, can provide you with the virtual number you desire.

Arihant Global works with organizations to help them improve their branding efforts and make the entire business specialized technique viable and productive. The virtual number gives you the flexibility to oversee calls from any place or forward the call to the perfect individual, who will give answers for clients’ questions. It guarantees that your clients or business relates routinely keep associated, that brings efficiency into your business. A virtual number is typically utilized for any business or portable and ought to be permitted from VoIP-enabled devices. Our Virtual number services are low in cost, simple convenience, best voice quality, dependable to converse with it and numerous other benefits. Virtual number help accompanies IVR administration. We strive to become the best Virtual number service provider in India and we work for perfection. clients are our asset.

Virtual number service provider in indiaThe virtual number assistance incorporates a communication highlight that permits all calls to be sent to a special number of the clients’ necessities. in this manner call ahead for the IVR and virtual versatile number help are typically shipped off a portable, home phone, VoIP phone, even worldwide numbers – in a real sense, assuming that the client so wants.

Assuming a client selects to leave a message, it typically means as a sound record to relate email. this grants portable experts the capacity to get to voice messages on to get that significant cases are followed through on schedule. We offer you with quality administrations that help you to expand your business reach, from one side of the country to the other, giving a successful and grounded organization brand that aides in expanding your purchaser base.

How Virtual Number Works

Virtual phone numbers shouldn’t be compared to regular phone numbers that are connected to a landline or mobile device. These numbers come from the cloud and are connected to a current phone number that you already have. This is why using virtual phones is also known as cloud telephony.

Traditionally, a phone number has been associated with a particular device, such as a landline or a mobile phone. When making a critical call, you must wait in one place while using a landline. Smartphones are considerably better, but you still need to carry one around with you to make sure people can reach you. Whether working from home or travelling the world, virtual phone numbers allow you stay connected;

You don’t need to feel confined to a specific area or gadget.

Internet Protocol for voice calls (VoIP)

Through a Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, service provider, is one of the popular ways to get access to virtual phone numbers. You can place and receive calls using these cloud-based service providers’ internet capabilities from any location. This service has one drawback in that it depends on your device remaining online. You would be unable to use your virtual phone service if the internet were to go down or remain operational.

Virtual Phone Number Benefits

Utilising a virtual phone number has a lot of advantages, including more accessible contact methods and increased privacy. The next sections go into further detail about these benefits.

Communication Between Synced Devices

Virtual phone numbers have the important benefit of allowing you to always be reachable, wherever you may be. Using a virtual service provider, such as Google Voice or RingCentral, allows for smooth contact with clients, coworkers, or other employees. Through smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other internet-enabled devices, you can freely communicate. All on different continents or in the same building.

Businesses need not be concerned that there would be a decline in trustworthy communication at a time when more employees than ever are working outside the office.

The use of virtual phone numbers prevents missed calls by sending notifications to any networked devices that are connected. You can still be reached even if you forgot your phone but have your laptop.

A Cost-Effective Alternative for Small Businesses Trying to Save Money

With the correct solution, a small business with a few lines per month might not cost more than $100 per month. However, communication expenses tend to soar as businesses grow in size, employing hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. Then take into account numerous locations, perhaps spread over several nations. Suddenly, monthly phone costs might reach the thousands.

Choosing a virtual phone number could significantly reduce telephone expenditures for any size organisation.

There is no need to spend money on pricey, multiline corded hardware when using internet numbers. You might be eligible for at least one free virtual phone number, depending on your service plan. Additionally, receiving domestic calls is frequently free, and making international calls is generally inexpensive.

A virtual phone number could be a much-needed cost-effective answer for any business, no matter how big or little.

Keep a Certain Level of Privacy

Some people feel uncomfortable using their personal phone numbers to communicate with coworkers or business associates. It is a desirable feature that virtual phone numbers can be connected to personal phone numbers without sacrificing privacy. For solo owners who desire to operate a business while maintaining the privacy of their home numbers, this solution can work incredibly well.

Remote Work and Travel

A poll of 1,300 CEOs for the KPMG 2021 CEO Outlook revealed that 69% of respondents are moving toward a virtual workforce. In the future, many firms’ plans will include remote work, thus having access to virtual communication tools like online phone numbers makes perfect sense.

Virtual phone numbers, as previously said, can free you from the necessity of waiting in one place for phone calls or from being reliant on a single gadget to make sure you don’t miss a crucial call. The service’s virtual aspect also makes it ideal for remote businesses and professionals who frequently travel.

Availability of reliable integrations and services

While it is possible to use virtual phone service for nothing, upgrading frequently offers organizations some advantageous advantages. Virtual receptionists, calendar integrations, voicemail (including voicemail transcription), online faxing, and team chat capabilities are some of the features that come standard with the service.

Popular services like Salesforce, Canvas, Microsoft 365, and Zendesk may also be able to be integrated. Teleconferencing features are also included in some subscription options. These add-ons and integrations can especially help organizations communicate more effectively and run more smoothly.

Things to Ponder When Choosing a Virtual Phone Service

You can see that getting a virtual phone number is rather simple. However, there are a few important aspects to consider before making the decision to purchase one or more for professional use.

Use and access. To make sure that business numbers are used properly and by the relevant employees, it is frequently required to keep track on usage and access of corporate virtual phone numbers. In order to assist you better manage phone line usage and make sure everything functions well, service providers typically provide add-ons.

Pricing and financial worth. Getting an internet number is a cheap alternative that is available in plenty. Having stated that, you should select the service that offers the best value for your money. A very tiny firm might be able to get by with a free service, but a larger organization will want to look around for services that offer the finest integrations and auxiliary features.

Calls are not charged. Members can get a free virtual phone number directly from some service providers, such Google Voice. Additionally, as part of an upgrade or add-on, you can get multiple free numbers.

Differences Between Regular & Virtual Phone Numbers


Traditional Phone Numbers

The local telephone provider often installs and provides traditional phone numbers. Most individuals are unaware that they, not the phone provider, are the owners of the number. Typically, phone lines are assigned by telephone companies to the street address where they are installed.

To connect each desk phone with a traditional phone connection, phone lines must be run throughout the structure. It’s not always simple or practical to install telecom lines in every office.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers are not assigned to any particular location and are not location-dependent. The same cloud PBX is used by both office-based and remote employees, thus it functions for both.

As a result, calls placed to the virtual number can be answered by your in-house or remote team at work, at home, or on a mobile device. Additionally, you can select a staff member to take incoming calls from the virtual phone number based on their availability.

It’s not necessary for remote workers to set up a desk phone at their home office or use a cell phone to answer business calls. They have more control and peace of mind while phoning contacts thanks to the virtual phone number’s caller ID protection.

They don’t have to worry about customers knowing your personal number. With a reputable VoIP operator, you can choose the hours during which incoming calls to the virtual phone number will be accepted or sent to voicemail.

As a result, calls placed to the virtual number can be answered by your in-house or remote team at work, at home, or on a mobile device. Additionally, you can select a staff member to take incoming calls from the virtual phone number based on their availability.

Benefits of Arihant Global Virtual Number Services, India

  • Permits you to work and deal with your business and clients from anyplace whenever.
  • Works with the execution of adaptable and versatile remote working choices for your representatives.
  • Further develops client commitment by recognizing and ordering every single quality lead and sustaining them to bring down agitate rates.
  • Permits to track and gauge your business execution through your virtual business number.
  • Empowers call reports and call accounts on the cloud without the need to set up any equipment.
  • Offers adaptable virtual number plans. All services will be accessible with numerous simultaneous channels.
  • Practical, adjustable, adaptable arrangements and nonstop ready to come in case of an emergency support for each arrangement.
  • Upgrades agent efficiency by permitting them to go to additional calls and resolve questions all the more rapidly.

Why Arihant Global is the Best Virtual number service provider in india?

Need to carry out an exceptionally proficient business telephone framework to expand your business and build up its presence? Arihant Global offers a cloud-based virtual phone number framework- a vigorous telephone administration to course your approaching client calls to the right agent. Since it is facilitated on a cloud platform, your virtual business number can prudently cover your client’s numbers to guarantee their protection and security.

As India’s leading Digital marketing agency and one of the Best Virtual number service provider in India, we at AGSIPL realize that virtual number services assume an essential part in numerous organizations. To this end we’ve prepared our administration to help you in more ways than one. With Arihant Global, you have the opportunity to pick region codes and gather take call investigation. Most importantly, call availability issues are non-existent with us.

If you are looking for the best Virtual number service provider in India, please send your business queries at or fill up the Enquiry Form so we can choose the best vendor for you and further assist in it.

You can even find us on social media.

Virtual number service FAQs

Is use of Virtual Number safe?

Every person who uses a virtual phone is putting some level of risk into their environment, just like they would with any other computer-based device. Therefore, virtual phone service providers like RingCentral and Google construct their products carefully to guarantee that your private calls remain private.

What is a virtual phone number?

Internet-based phone numbers called “virtual phone numbers” are unconnected to any particular device. Instead, they are linked to a pre-existing phone line, which enables calls to be placed to you from anywhere and to be answered by almost any device.

How can I acquire a virtual number?

It’s just as simple to receive service from a service provider as it is to obtain a virtual phone number. For instance, AGSIPL provides virtual number service. If you’d rather to have access to local, vanity, or toll-free numbers, you could wish to upgrade to a paid service.

How can I get a virtual phone number that is free?

Anyone with a Google account can get a free number through Google Voice.

Is it possible to generate a virtual phone number?

Most companies that offer virtual phone services will choose a number for you. You can connect the new number to an existing phone number or, in some circumstances, you can buy a phone number directly from the supplier.

Which is the Best Virtual number service provider in India?

Arihant Global is the Best Virtual number service provider in India, recognized by our clients and awarded multiple times.


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