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What is a Toll-free Number?

A toll free number or freephone number is a unique number that is free for the caller; the cost of the call is assessed to the receiving company as opposed to the caller. Since more than ten years ago, we at Arihant Global are offering the Toll Free Number Provider in India to our clients. We are one of the best Toll Free Number Provider in India.

A service access code from a dialing prefix range similar to a geographic area code, such as “800,” is used to identify a toll-free, Freecall, Freephone, 800, 0800, or 1-800 number. Depending on the country, several service access numbers may exist. Both incoming and outgoing call fees must be paid by the company that owns the toll-free number.

Arihant Global is a Digital marketing & Mobility Services provider company in Jaipur. You can contact us for Toll Free Number requirements. we are one of the best Toll Free Number Provider in India.



Every organisation aims to offer their clients the best services possible in this cutthroat business environment in order to forge enduring client relationships. and that is only feasible if Arihant Global, leading Toll Free Number Provider in India, is a part of your company.


Toll-free 1800 numbers are one of the numerous out-of-the-box alternatives that businesses offer to their clients in an effort to improve the link between them.


Callers won't be charged for using these 1800 numbers; instead, the party being phoned, or the company, pays for the calls. The biggest advantage is that more people may contact you, and it also gives your company a more international identity.

Get the Best Toll Free Number by the Best Toll Free Number Provider in India, Arihant Global.

Benefits of utilizing Toll free numbers:

1) Improved Brandingbest toll free number provider in India

Customers may easily associate a Toll Free number with your brand because it is not difficult to recognise. Additionally, by offering constant customer help via a Toll Free number, your company will be seen as responsible and customer-focused.

2) A better customer experience

Customers can call you for free if you have an 1800 business toll free number. You can also use a clever IVR to improve your understanding of your customers. In this manner, they are guaranteed to stick with your company during the lengthy voyage.

3) Measurable marketing

An 1800 toll-free number can be used to track your advertising ROI. When you use these numbers for print and web advertisements, you can track each call that comes in to that number and assess your advertising expenditures.

4) Continues to develop Sales

Toll-free numbers are typically prominent in sales bulletins and television advertisements. Since it costs nothing for potential customers to call a toll-free number, your outreach groups have more people to speak with, which results in more clients for your company.

5) Improvements to Cloud Communication Capabilities

In addition to integrating our Cloud Telephony suite, our business toll free number support also gives you access to call recording management, enhanced call following capabilities, and the ability to make and receive an unlimited number of equal calls. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Claim these benefits with the Best Toll Free Number Provider in India, Arihant Global.

How Toll Free Numbers Aid in the Development of Your Business?

For businesses of every size, from small startups to huge organizations, incorporating toll-free lines as a component of cloud telephony products can prove to be beneficial. Organizations can improve their consumers’ calling experiences, raise customer happiness, increase customer retention rates, and strengthen brand recognition by using toll-free service. Additionally, businesses may increase their marketing efforts and increase their accessibility to potential clients, which will help them grow their business, by taking advantage of the special features of cloud-based toll-free telephone numbers.

How Toll Free Service Works

Obtain an 1800 toll-free number

A toll-free service provider like AGSIPL can be used to get a toll-free number. Choose a memorable number so that your customers will be able to recall it for a long period.

Alter the call flow settings on AGSIPL’s dashboard.

To provide a flawless client experience, implement call routing rules and personalize the call flow. Establish office hours, add a voicemail option, create an IVR greeting, etc.

Post the number online to begin receiving calls.

You can go ahead and publish the number on your website and marketing materials once the call routing rules have been configured. After then, your clients can start calling you for free because you will be paying the call expenses rather than them.

Toll free Features


• You can configure IVR menu as per your need with our Online call flow designer feature
• Input specific call forwarding (Press 1 or 2 …. 9) with IVR.
• 100% call logs on real time basis
•  Check your usage online anytime.
•  No expenditure on hardware or software at your end.

Now that you know the features of toll free numbers, claim the benefits with Arihant Global, the best toll free number provider in India.

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Monitoring Dashboard for Calls

On a real-time call monitoring dashboard, keep track of your calls and obtain immediate insight into active, on-hold, and disconnected calls.

Integration of IVR

Utilize the auto-receptionist and self-help features of the IVR system to efficiently handle a high volume of incoming calls.

Variety of Numbers

From a variety of premium numbers, pick the toll-free number that is most appropriate for promoting your brand.

Contact Management Services

You have access to call recording, forwarding, routing, and other crucial calling capabilities with an all-in-one call management solution.

Instant SMS Alerts

Keep track of all customer calls and receive instant SMS alerts for any missed calls by the agent.

Performance Reports for Agents

Continually monitor agent output to acquire a full picture of their performance via detailed tracking reports.

Arihant Global's Toll-Free Number Services

Best Prices as per Industry

Get a premium cloud telephony package with little work and expense.

Full-service customer support

Every step of the way, from research to post-purchase support, we guarantee hassle-free client service.

Integrations of API

Integrating CRM and other third-party applications can let you innovate your company solutions.

Guaranteed uptime of 99.99%

Arihant Global offers N+1 redundant infrastructure and a 99.99% SLA-backed uptime rate.

More effective customer support

Receive improved live support from our product specialists via email, chat, and phone.

Suite for Cloud Telephony

Get free SMS and call credits, as well as access to a fully equipped cloud telephony suite.

Why Choose us?

10000+ Business Consulting experience

Consulting SMEs, companies, and corporations for digital marketing platforms, DLT, and mobility communication (SMS/IVR/virtual cloud services).

Multiple Awards and Acknowledgements

We received recognition for our leadership in products, customer service, support, and business excellence both nationally and internationally

Dedicated Account Manager

As part of Dedicated Account Management, we assign highly qualified, practical Team personnel to all of our associated service accounts.

Rich Solution and Products Portfolio (Open house)

10+ Digital Solutions and Omni channel communication (SMS, Email, Voice, WhatsApp) Platform at one place.

9 + Years of working experience

Delivering Trust and building innovation since 2013. We are the best Toll Free Number Provider in India

Webex/CISCO Partnership

We are a Call center partner for IMI mobile, which is now CISCO, since 2010, Earlier worked with consulting services

Fantastic Customer Support

We have a highly skilled support team that is dedicated to offering solutions within the committed time.

Ready for Win Win WIN Solutions

You will always be in WIN WIN WIN Solutions from Service, Customer Support, as well as Pricing Point of Decisions if you choose AGSIPL Portfolio Solutions.


Trust, ethics, innovations, challenges, and creativity play a crucial role in this workplace, and you can definitely find your values and respect here.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is a toll free number?

Ans. A toll-free number is an 1800 number that callers can call for free. It is a free call that enables the caller to pass connection fees to the company. Solutions can be tailored based on the campaign, brand, or promotional period and typically take the form of 1800-ABC-DEFG.

Q. What distinguishes a virtual number from a toll-free number?

Ans. dialing a virtual number may not be free, but dialing a toll free number is always free. A toll free number, such as 1800, is exclusive to India’s toll free service whereas virtual numbers, which resemble local numbers, are available.

Q. How can I get a toll-free number?

Call us at 0141-2942622 to purchase a toll-free number in India.

Q. What are the benefits of toll-free numbers?

Ans. Your customers and clients can contact you for free by dialing toll-free lines. One of the greatest tracking methods for assessing marketing effectiveness is this one. Additionally, it provides a quick query resolution line that clients can use to call in and provide reviews for various services or goods. According to reports, 80% of website visitors who see toll-free numbers provided call the business. An IVR can be connected to a toll-free number to integrate the caller’s call-in process.

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