Social Media Marketing Platforms and Strategies

Social media marketing is a strong way for businesses to approach target auidence and customers. Individuals find, hang out, follow, and shop from brands via social media, so in the event that you’re not on stages like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you’re passing up a major opportunity! Incredible advertising via social media marketing platforms can bring surprising accomplishment to your business, making strong branding and driving leads and deals.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a type of digital marketing strategy that use the network of well known social medias to accomplish your promoting and marking objectives. However, it’s not just about creating accounts and posting when you feel like it. Social media marketing requires a well planned strategy with quantifiable objectives and incorporates:

  • Creating and optimizing your profiles
  • Posting images, stories, videos, that address your image and draw in a significant crowd.
  • Answering comments, reviews, and messages and observing your online reputation (ORM).
  • Following brands, clients, and influencers to be a part of your niche.

Social Media Marketing additionally incorporates paid advertising, where you can pay to have your business show up in social media searches of your target audience.

Advantages of social media marketing

With such far reaching utilization and adaptability, social media is one of the best free channels for promoting your business today. Here are a some of the advantages of social media marketing:

  • Build Online Reputation of your business: Social media empowers you to transform your business into a functioning member in your market. Your profile, posts, and cooperations with clients create a personality of your brand that your audience can know and interact with, and trust.
  • Drive traffic: Social media marketing is a top channel for expanding traffic to your website where you can change over leads into customers.
  • Create leads and clients: You can likewise produce leads straightforwardly on these social media platforms, through Instagram/Facebook shops, call to action, messaging and calling, source of inspiration, and arrange online meetings.
  • Build brand awareness: Social media permits you to construct your visual personality across huge audiences and further develop brand mindfulness. Furthermore, better brand mindfulness implies improved results with all your different missions.
  • Construct relationships: You can communicate with your customers directly or indirectly on social media, do press releases, share important announcements and offers etc.
social media marketing platforms

The fundamentals of an social media marketing strategy:

A fruitful social media marketing strategy will appear to be unique for each business, however here are the things they will all share for all purpose:

Audience Persona: What social media they use, when they go online and why, what content they like, who else they’re following, which devices they use, what are there interests,

Brand Reputation: What is the message you need to pass on to your crowd? How would you maintain that they should feel while look at your content?

Content planning: you’ll require an organized content technique to have the option to routinely have a steady content posting.

Examination: Quantifiable analysis will help your strategy, including who you’re targeting, the right posts to share, the best times to post, etc.

Stay Active: Social media is an ongoing stage. To utilize it to develop your business, you want to post consistently, keep steady over commitment with your business, connect, stay aware of people, and keep up with latest trends.

Inbound methodology: Don’t utilize social media to pitch your business. Try to add value through helpful and intriguing content and developing people around you. This, thusly, will naturally advance your business and others will advance it for you.

social media marketing strategy

How to create your social media plan:

Knowing the basics of social media marketing strategy, now is the ideal time for you to set it in motion. Your social media marketing plan is the guide to completing your procedure. You can now now invest your energy in the right platforms, create a schedule,and calculate your success. This is the way to make your online entertainment showcasing plan:

Pick your Platform: Choose social media marketing platforms according to your interest group, platforms famous for your industry, as well as your purpose. Once you start gaining statistics of your social media campaign, you can further improve by creating measurable KPIs.

Put forth objectives and targets: This is a important task in scaling up your progress, similar to post once per day for a month, get your profiles set up, or do a competition analysis. When you achieve your targets, set higher targets.

Report and change routinely: Use analytics to distinguish which posts produce the best results, whether you’re getting more supporters, and to see your crowd socioeconomics. Tackle and scale up what works and nix what doesn’t.

The Best Social Media Marketing platforms and their Uses:

The major social media marketing platforms right now are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. Different social media platforms require various methodologies, so here’s a short outline on every one — its client base, fundamental stuff, advantages, disadvantages, and content strategies.


Facebook is the biggest Social media network all around the world as well as one of the greatest availability and penetration. Individuals of all type- old or young, use it to speak with loved ones, partake in gatherings and discussions, find and visit organizations close to them, and follow brands. Facebook is an extraordinary social media marketing platforms to:

Construct relationships with current clients
Declarare announcements, post updates, occasions, and achievements
Have conversations and live streams
Market to middle-aged and old people

Natural reach on Facebook is restricted, so assuming you’re hoping to produce leads or find new audience, Facebook publicizing is your smartest option.

When to Publish: Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Best time to post in India: 1-4 pm

Active Users: 3.51 Billion

Biggest Age Group: 49% are in 25-49 age group.

Facebook Tools: Meta for Nusiness, Insights, Pixel


It possesses all the necessary qualities of a good social media marketing platforms: you can present videos on your channel; share, comment , and like different clips, and follow different channels you like. In addition, you have an organized feed in your landing page with suggested videos. The way to social media marketing on YouTube isn’t to attempt to “circulate around the web,” yet to add value. It’s best for:

  • Instructional videos, explainer videos, and animated videos, entertaining videos, educational videos etc.
    live streams.
  • Advertising(video promotions and showing advertisements on others videos)
  • Branding

When to Publish: Saturday, Sunday.

Best time to post in India: 2-4 pm

Active Users: 2.1 Billion

Biggest Age Group: 81% Adults are on Youtube

Youtube Tools: Analytics, TubeBuddy, Kinemaster

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social media marketing strategies


Instagram had one billion month to month dynamic clients in 2018. It’s well known for its different content designs, including Feed posts, Stories, Lives, Reels, and IGTV. Individuals use Instagram to follow social media influencers and brands they purchase from and who match their own personas. Make your Instagram bio and afterward use it for:

  • Social shopping
  • Influencer marketing
  • Client produced content
  • Organization culture

The expense of Instagram ads is by and large higher than on Facebook, however fortunately natural reach is additionally higher.

When to Publish: Monday, Thursday

Best time to post in India: 8-9 am

Active Users: 1+ Billion

Biggest Age Group:71% are less than 35

Instagram Tools: Linktree, Mojo, Inshot


LinkedIn might be a formal organization, but it is also good for professional posts and job posting. track down possibilities, know whats going on in your industry and connect with the people. it’s likewise an extraordinary spot to communicate your organization culture and assemble your own image in lined up with your business image. There are lots of LinkedIn organization page highlights to exploit, so take care while building your page. LinkedIn is an extraordinary stage to:

  • Connected with talented People.
  • Network with accomplices, friends, and clients.
  • Share organization. achievements and culture
  • Post industry news and experiences.

When to Publish: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Best time to post in India: 5-6 pm

Active Users: 722 Million

Biggest Age Group:60% are aged 25-35

LinkedIn Tools: Campaign Manager, Prospection, LeadFuze

social media marketing platforms


Twitter is a microblogging platform to share your views, opinions and thoughts. Many individuals use Twitter to get news, follow people, and get client assistance. Make certain to retweet when a client has something good to say about you, and remember to address individuals’ inquiries whenever the situation allows. For powerful marketing on Twitter, you probably will need to:

Follow social influencers and niche brands to stay aware of information and patterns.
Share a story through a progression of Tweets in a single string.
Make yourself accessible for client care and FAQs.

When to Publish: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Best time to post in India: 12-3 pm

Active Users: 330 Million

Biggest Age Group: 39% are aged 25-35

Twitter Tools: TweetDeck, Buffer, Talkwalker

*Stats based on 2021*

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