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Political Voice Broadcasting in India | Political Calling in India

Sending a voice broadcast to your supporters and voters will help you reach a wider audience during the election. Reach out to your voters and party workers simultaneously by coordinating several broadcasting campaigns in a seamless manner. Claim our service of Political Voice Broadcasting/ Political Calling in India.

By conducting polls and surveys through voice broadcasting, you may connect with potential voters and learn their complaints. With built-in text-to-speech integration, you can customise your campaign message to meet voter expectations.

Run the Voice Broadcasting campaign to earn the support of your constituents. Give your party’s employees immediate access to your supporters.

Develop a closer bond with the party’s workers and volunteers. To keep them up to date on any party developments and changes, send them frequent voice broadcasts.

On a live dashboard, evaluate the success of your campaign. Easily make any campaign modifications on our user-friendly web site. Additionally, use affordable, customizable programmes to assure the highest return on investment.

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Run effective election campaigns to raise awareness and win support for your cause using the AGSIPL Voice Campaign. AGSIPL Voice Campaign records the reactions of your target market so that surveys may be taken or the number of supporters can be calculated.

With AGSIPL Voice Campaign, you can get additional benefits and overcome the drawbacks of manual telephonic administration solutions for all of your campaign needs.

Over time, phone-based marketing strategies have shown to be successful in promoting and selling value-added services like stock market updates, health advice, news, and jokes, as well as caller ring back tones (CRBT). The specially designed IVR system for election campaigns by AGSIPL Voice Campaign raises awareness and presence to enhance public support.

Preparing for Upcoming Elections? Count on Us


Arihant Global is a company committed to provide distinctive election promotion services in India. We provide Political Voice Broadcasting service across India.
We are a committed organisation that is laser-focused on the kind of service we offer. We give our prospects a sense of self-worth and belief.

Today’s digital world makes it challenging to connect with individuals (voters). Voters cannot be purchased with cash. They should instead observe your spick-and-span persona and charitable endeavors. Our services are available for our candidates to use in their outreach to voters.

How we can help you?

We provide Political Voice Broadcasting in India and with upcoming elections in several states of India, you can claim Political Voice Broadcasting in Karnataka, Mizoram, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Telangana. With the purpose of being the most sought-after industry consultants serving the needs of enterprises with a variety of business segments and sizes with creative and economical solutions to achieve their objectives, we began managing election campaigns throughout India. We constantly work to meet the highest standards in everything we do. We make room for your brand in the consumer’s thoughts. We strive for 360-degree planning and execution by closely interacting with clients and consumers. 

Bulk Voice Calls for Election Campaigns


Voice calls are a method of commercial communication that allows you to reach thousands of clients at once. The promotion and advertising space has been ruled by the bulk voice call marketing strategy for the previous few years. Not only is this method of communication employed for marketing goals, but it is also frequently employed to conduct surveys, provide alerts and notifications, and communicate meeting or conference updates.

Reach a large audience quickly by using voice calls to communicate more clearly and effectively. It is a potent, successful, and reasonably priced marketing strategy that informs customers in an easy-to-understand manner on the most recent developments in the product or services.

What is Bulk Voice Call?


Bulk voice calls are pre-recorded voice messages that focus on business or promote a particular product, service, campaign, or event. No matter where a person is in the country, voice messages are sent to both landline and mobile networks. It unquestionably provides a strong and organized platform for advertising a product or disseminating crucial information.

You may have heard pre-recorded voice messages in the voice of well-known politicians during election season. Bulk phone calls for campaigns are employed in these situations as a successful technique to deliver the message to the intended consumer base, and your customers will hear it in an instant.

You can decide to see the voice message in your regional language.

What Advantages Do Bulk Voice Calls Offer?


A fully automated web-based system transmits a pre-recorded voice message to a large contact list. There are no intermediaries or operators used during the entire automated calling procedure. The system will begin placing calls to the designated recipients as soon as the pre-recorded message is ready to go to the defined contacts list using the user-centric web control panel. The message will automatically begin playing once the caller answers.

Voice calls are the greatest marketing strategy due to a number of advantages.

  • increases outbound capacity
  • presence of several languages
  • eco-friendly marketing plan (zero paper usage)
  • No hardware or software is necessary.
  • Improve the acquisition and retention of customers
  • Technology for customised product promotion
  • Pay solely for received voice calls.
  • Payment dependent on usage; no setup or subscription costs
  • both a landline and a mobile phone number
  • Boost your revenue and return on investments

Why Voice Calls in Bulk are Vital for Your Business


Using voice SMS, voice messaging, and voice broadcasting, bulk voice calls are an important marketing tactic that aids organisations in communicating with their target customers and potential customers. Bulk voice calls for elections, which let candidates communicate with voters, are an option if you work with election campaigns.

More than 90% of the receivers get their message within the first few seconds, increasing readability. With the aid of analytics, personalised campaigns can be made for a better customer experience because the bulk voice calls platform offers comprehensive insights into the conversation.

For more customer involvement and to send critical notifications to the customers, you might utilize bulk voice call services. Bulk voice calls can be used to convey messages to subscribers, members, consumers, and staff members as well as to solicit their reactions. Voice calls can be used to deliver EMI or other payment reminders as well as to raise money for social causes. You can contact a bulk voice calls service provider to take advantage of the discounts since bulk voice call packages are reasonably priced.

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