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We are India’s Top 20 most promising Enterprise Mobility Solution providers by CIO Review, also best 5000 MSME Brand with TAG of Service & Business excellence.
We have placed customer experience (CX) management at the core of our business strategy.
We have a Team of young, dynamic and forward thinking people and focusing on proven, scalable and reliable solutions.
We are focusing measure in Mobility and Digital marketing domain having expertise in Online Business Promotion, Mobile Survey, lead generation tool, Client engagement, Contractual callings and Business Processing Solution.
We are in India since 2013 & Our Head office is based on Jaipur, Rajasthan (India). We have an Association with industry leader as: Imimobile, CielHR, SVG etc for various business needs.

CEO Details

Rahul Kumar Jain is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and pleasure.
Just like middle class guys, he too had a bunch of unclear dreams and a blurred vision of his life. All he had was an undying learning attitude to hold on to.
Rowing through ups and downs, it was time that taught him the true meaning of his life.
He started its Sales and relationship marketing on 11 years old (1st earning of Rs 500 monthly) and from that time He used to knock the doors of people and provided the services of “Papad” and started its career as name of Papad wale. He believed that earning the trust of customers was foremost to take the business to the next level. He was not financially strong. Just a motivation and confidence lead to the success of his business.
After earning name, he built up a set up along with his wife Sunita Jain named “ARIHANT GLOBAL SERVICE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED”. This service provides focus on Digital marketing, Mobility, Business promotions cloud based tools etc. Both the partners being the directors of this esteemed company put their hard-work and smart work in this business that their service is now attached with Premium Partner like many MNCs as well as national level business.
He believes: Think Digitally- Act Globally
His few achievements as:
1: He has interacted with more than 10000 SMEs/Corporates or Business for various mobility needs thru its various business module.
2: He also HONORED AS Entrepreneur of this year 2018 awards by YEFORUM.
3: He also got an opportunity been a speaker of E-Cell sessions 2015, 2016 organized by IIT Bombay.
4: his another article published on on Oct 1, 2016 subject/name as:
Entrepreneurial Journey of This Entrepreneur From Selling Papads to Creation of a Company Will Inspire You.
5: His business got selects and interview published on #CIOReview India (December 18 magazine ) Recognizes #ArihantGlobal in annual role of Honor as 20 Most Promising Enterprise #Mobility Solution Providers-2018
6: International selection ” *THE BIZZ * ” business award by Worldcob on Jan 2019.

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