Best Tips of Digital marketing for florists

Digital marketing for florists: Every year, more and more people buy flowers online than in-store, which is a trend. This means that any florist must now more than ever have a strong digital marketing plan. Although at first, this uncharted territory can feel intimidating. And it’s challenging to know where to begin. Determining that any florist may benefit from these six digital marketing tips, we created this video. You can read the transcript below if you can’t watch right now.

Every year, there are more people buying flowers online. For any florist, having a strong digital marketing plan is now more crucial than ever.

Although at first, this uncharted territory can feel intimidating. And it’s challenging to get started. 

That’s why we made a blog to walk you through the essentials of digital marketing for florists. If you’re having trouble viewing the video right now, we’ve also included a written transcription below.

Best Tips of Digital marketing for florists


1. Making use of social media


You must be on Instagram and Pinterest if you are a florist. This is an obvious choice. Both of these channels are essentially visual, and flowers are such a visually appealing product. Thus you may actually display your goods there.

The demographics are ideal, and the medium is the correct one. Between 70 and 80 percent of floral purchases are done by women, and most women use both of these sites.

Finding inspiration from some of the best floral Instagram and Pinterest boards is the best way to get started.

2. More proficient floral photography


This initially seems like it wouldn’t be a digital marketing suggestion, but it very definitely is. The most crucial thing you can do for your digital marketing as a florist is to develop your photographic skills. Stock photos won’t do much to showcase your talent and your passion, and you definitely don’t have the money to hire a professional photographer every time you want to exhibit a new product catalogue.

A high end camera is always an option if you’re dissatisfied with the quality you’re getting from your phone or you simply want to take things to the next level. These days, with phone cameras being as powerful as they are, you can probably get some great floral photography without having to invest in a high end camera.

3. Google local listings


Being a florist in terms of search engines is all about ranking in local rankings. And we’re going to discuss especially about ranking in the Google 3-Pack in this article.

Location is crucial for a florist. Hence, you must ensure that your Google My Business account is active and that the information on it is accurate.

It’s crucial that you include as much information as you can, as Google will penalise you in the rankings if you leave out crucial details like your business’s opening hours.

Making ensuring you have client reviews is a fantastic strategy to improve your rating. 90% of consumers responded that reviews had an impact on their purchasing decisions, according to a recent Zendesk survey. Sending an email with a link directly to your Google My Business Page after any online purchase can encourage your consumers to post reviews. Moreover, make sure to keep an eye on these reviews to make sure your hard work is being recognised. Be sure to respond to any valid complaints that are made in reviews and solve them as quick as possible.

Making sure that everything you do in your online presence refers to your area is another strategy to improve your ranking. Employ location tags in all of your social network postings, blogs, and Google images to show the precise location of your storefront. For florists, this is much more crucial than it is, say, for a company like ours.

4. Producing High Quality Content


You must drive traffic to your website if you want to be seen in any way online. The greatest way to do it is to produce high-quality material. The good news is that you need to be very visual with your material if you’re a florist.

This implies that you can easily turn your Instagram and Pinterest postings into blog articles. Write a brief article showcasing your in-depth understanding of that specific flower using all of your posts that have mentioned gerberas.

Some possibilities include writing a blog about a flower shop’s daily operations and some fascinating details the average customer might not be aware of.

Additionally keep in mind that if you give counsel to a client who has asked for it, there is a good probability that other clients have the same question. That query is simple enough to make into a blog post.

digital marketing for florists

5. Evaluation of your website


Your real store’s website must be an extension of it. If your website is the first point of contact for the majority of your customers, creating a beautiful business location is pointless.

Before they have a chance to visit your lovely store, they will leave in search of a better web experience. You will rank higher on Google if you have a quality website. In order to determine whether a website is good or not, you can ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Is my website responsive to commands quickly?
  2. Does it appear properly on iPad and mobile devices?
    Is it simple to use?
  3. Do all of my services, which are advertised, have the most recent information?
  4. Are you proud of it? is arguably the most crucial question.
  5. You may always search for other florists in your area to see how your own page compares if you’re unsure how to respond to these questions.

6. Making the most of data


Online flower sales increase yearly, and this trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Really, this is a fantastic chance for florists.

For instance, you can use digital marketing to significantly increase your annual income by gathering information about your clients’ purchase tendencies.

Flowers bought for a special occasion like an anniversary are a fantastic illustration of this. If you can obtain such information from a customer using a straightforward web form, you can contact them annually in the run-up to the same date. It guarantees that when they’re looking for a gift, a bouquet of your flowers will be the first thing that comes to mind, and it enables you to run special discounts to attract them to utilise your service again the following year. What a fantastic message to send your customer: “You purchased your sweetheart a bouquet of half a dozen roses last year, do even better with a bouquet of a dozen this year.”

Provide a delivery confirmation email system in your service as a simple alternative. You can give your customers piece of mind when they send flowers to someone online by letting them know they can choose to receive an automatic text message or email upon delivery of their purchase.



These were some of the Best Digital marketing for florists. Hopefully, after reading this, you feel a little more at ease with the realm of digital marketing. Contact us to learn more about how the Arihant Global can assist you in putting all of these tactics into practise.

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