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Digital marketing services like social media marketing, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, online reputation management, and website design and development are offered by Aihant Global, a digital marketing company in Kanpur. Our digital marketing company in Kanpur supports new and small businesses in building their identities. Over 50 businesses and their brands have benefited from our assistance since we began. Use the finest digital marketing company in Kanpur to dominate your industry. Let Arihant Global elevate your business while you sit back and unwind.

Digital Marketing: Establish Your Brand

Through a precise digital marketing plan that sells, we at Arihant Global turn your company into a brand.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): acquire more prospects

With the assistance of our SEO Expert, rank your website at the summit of Google SERP.

Develop beautiful webpages with website design

Use user-friendly websites like this one to engage your visitors and increase your lead production.

SMM Solutions: more people to come

Work with the top social media marketing agency in Patna to help us build a following of devoted supporters for you.

Our Services

SEO Service

Quality search engine marketing, in our opinion at Arihant Global, a digital marketing company in Kanpur, should be primarily customer-focused. This involves making sure your images are properly optimised and that your site loads quickly, as well as site navigation and usability, title tags, and meta information. As part of our introductory Technical SEO Audit, we'll identify any issues. Depending on your preferences, we'll either implement the necessary changes or mentor your team via the process with clear directions and suggestions. Your website will appear prominently on Google and other search engine results sites thanks to SEO services.

PPC Service

Not all companies can wait for organic SEO to produce results. As a result, we provide PPC campaigns that are thoroughly studied, meticulously maintained, and produce measurable results. We oversee Google Adwords programmes for your company to ensure that your ads are seen by as many people as possible. Our Digital Marketing Agency in Kanpur works to ensure that when everyone promises to place your advertisement online, it doesn't just appear but also receives clicks and leads. To get the right people with the right demographics to engage with you on Google, we use highly targeted PPC strategies. We either display your ad on the timeline and strengthen your social media presence or bid on your ad in the sidebar and direct prospective customers to your landing page.

Website Development

How quickly loads your website? Using the Google Page Speed Tester, we put it to the test. You'll see that you receive a number for both mobile and desktop. Site speed and mobile friendliness are now closely related. Your site's speed is influenced by the server's speed and the time it takes for a page to open. How rapidly your web page loads is significantly influenced by the speed of the server on which you host your website. Because you share computer resources with other users, shared hosting can be harmful to your website. Your website makes a first impact on customers. A lasting friendship may begin with a good first impression.

Social Media Marketing

First of all, with little to no expenditure, social media enables you to carefully select the people you want to reach for your online marketing initiatives. Second, people frequently utilise Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Arihant Global , the top digital marketing company in Kanpur, provides smart social media marketing services that may help you leave a lasting impression on your leads and entice them to become long-term customers. In other words, we build brand authority, strengthen customer support, and create a community that is dedicated to you by creating content, managing ads, and coordinating your online presence.

Email Marketing

Our tried-and-true approaches can assist your company in generating more leads, nurturing potential clients, and increasing website traffic. Above all, email marketing enables you to establish connections with customers who are genuinely interested in purchasing only your product from you and aids in the establishment of a solid customer-focused organisation. As a result, we establish email marketing strategies, write tailored email copy, monitor progress, examine outcomes using tried-and-true technologies, and raise your ROI.

Website Designing

All you need to convert a lead when they land on your website is an appealing, intuitive design, easy navigation, and quick loading times. Hence, with inexpensive packages, our web developers and designers assist you in achieving those objectives. Mobile devices account for over 70% of traffic. If your website is not mobile-friendly, 30% of them will return and visit a competitor's website. Digital Marketing Company in Kanpur can assist you in creating a website with a distinctive look that loads quickly and functions well on all types of gadgets. We can also help you turn leads into customers while you're asleep.


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What Sets Us Apart from Other Digital Marketing Company in Kanpur?


There are managers for each team at Arihant Global, a digital marketing company in Kanpur with over 10 employees, all of whom are experts in their respective fields. To provide your company with successful marketing solutions, our team collaborates.


Our Kanpur-based digital marketing agency backs all of its services with Good Results, ranking your keywords higher in SERP result and lead generation.


Our staff creates a report about your project every month to show you how you are progressing. At Arihant Global, a digital marketing agency in Kanpur, we think that your happiness is our reward and that your success is our success.


We always use tools to acquire flawless and accurate results for your business, such as AHrefs, Grammarly. Our team is always available to assist you at any time, any day. Shutterstock, Yoast SEO, and more .

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Social Media Marketing

360* Digital marketing

Graphic Designing


Logo Designing

Kanpur-Based Digital Marketing Agency That Promises Better


Just the best digital marketing company in Kanpur working hard will place you and your company on top! After its first year of operation, the Kanpur-based digital marketing firm we represent gained the reputation of being among the best. We go beyond current to-do lists and create the best digital marketing strategy that is appropriate for your company and its products, as well as for your market and industry.

WHO WE ARE: Your life is made easier by our proactive project management. We prefer to adhere to a process because we are confident that it has already been used, tested, and proven.

We think consciously about your business and your profit, working in conjunction with you and asking many questions about your firm. We work throughout the entire range from planning and research through to layout and traffic creation. We want to know everything about you, including your goals, ambitions, aspirations, passions, and, most importantly, how your company operates and who its clients are. We believe that your success is a reflection of our own, and your contentment serves as payment.

Arihant Global‘s vision is to bring a technology and marketing revolution to businesses all over the world. Our goal is to earn your “TRUST.” Committed to giving our esteemed clients well-organized services in the area of digital marketing, we constantly strive for your perfection.

HOW WE PERFORM DIGITAL MARKETING: We are regarded as Kanpur’s top digital marketing agency. Arihant Global provides cutting-edge digital marketing services to assist you in planning your internet marketing campaigns. In order for an online business to successfully conduct marketing, it must also increase conversion rates and provide reliable result analysis, as we at Arihant Global are aware. We provide digital marketing services to assist you in locating the ideal audience. These persons have the highest likelihood of becoming paying clients today or in the future. By encouraging interactions and engaging content, we assist you in fostering this. Reports will be given to you to keep you updated on the situation and to clarify how things stand.

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