Open House

OPENHOUSE is a unique cloud based platform delivering multiple services for Businesses across various industry sectors for Customer Engagement, Employee Connect and Business Process Continuity. It helps incorporate mobile capabilities into your business processes and IT applications and allows you to develop and launch your own innovative mobile solutions

OPENHOUSE's four-point advantage:

• Open house already integrated with several network operators, eliminating the complex and long process such as having to establish these connections as well as handle multiple teams, approvals and proprietary technologies.
• Open house resources are easily accessible through a cloud-based self-service environment. This means you do not have to worry about scalability, performance or availability.
• Open house enable a very wide range of solutions that you can develop, including customer self-service, product promotions, employee communication and audience engagement. It also provides tools to manage enterprise media, set up portals and launch campaigns, surveys and contests.
• Open house help reduce the ‘time to market’ since all your solutions are self-managed and involve minimal external dependence. Just sign up for an account and choose a solution. You can then develop, test and launch it within hours!

OPENHOUSE is a simple, secure and accessible of freeing the potential of your business from every restriction.

Contact us now and discover the difference it can make.

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