About Us

At Arihant Global, we have placed customer experience (CX) management at the core of our business strategy. Our entire solutions portfolio is structured and designed to help the clients become an originator of memorable experiences for their customers. By focusing on what’s important for our clients, namely their customers, we are speaking the client’s language and we are subscribing to the client’s vision of what they want their brands to be. In essence, we are the trusted custodians of our client’s brand.

Why Arihant Global
We have excellent Team Professional with technical expertise and thorough domain understanding to deliver you high quality IT & Digital Marketing services. However its not only technical expertise on which people do business with a company, here are some non technical strengths which sets us apart from most of our competitors

We maintain ethical and professional conduct
At the core we are driven by the singular goal of maintaining ethical and professional conduct in all our endeavors.

We build experience and trust
We take pride in successfully executing projects across continents and with clients on pure outsourcing pattern. We have excellent client satisfaction rate and enjoy long term relationships with most of them

We value your business
We take the time to know you and your business. We probe your goals and objectives. And we are prepared to invest our time. We do internal research before accepting any assignment, frequently at our own expense, and come back to you with an outsider’s perspective, and an insider’s commitment.

We do more than we are asked to do
We ensure that all technical and non technical details are taken care of for your project even if you have not explicitly requested them. While working with us you don’t necessarily need to have any technical knowledge.

We maintain effective communication
Effective communication is the key to any relationship. During all phases of the project we give our clients constant updates on the work in progress. This not only helps us fine tune our efforts as per your requirements, but also helps you have faith in our methods. Our specialists are always available during our business hours via E-mail, instant messengers, Skype,G-talk or direct phone.

We provide complete solutions
 Help choosing the right platform / language / right tool for your requirement

 Check the feasibility of your requirement as well as suggest ways which can save your cost and time

 Maintain confidentiality and security of your application, concept, data and any other relevant information

 Not only develop what you require but also suggest enhancements and better alternatives from our experience and domain expertise

 Create adequate documentation for your application if you need it

 Host or deploy your application if required

 Maintain and Conduct after sales support of the application after it is deployed or hosted

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