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Click to call application enables businesses to convert their web foot-falls into lead generating phone calls. Site visitors often reach your website through various means. Upon reaching there, they often leave either because they don’t find the information they are looking for or need additional help. Most customers don’t call your helpline and go back to search for an alternate site or product vendor. But now, by adding a click to call widget to your site, the customer can request an instantaneous call-back from you at no extra cost to him. As soon as the site visitor enters his number in the widget, our Tie up servers will connect you to him, in a fraction of a second. You can now leverage your web-leads into real customer conversion.

This service enables regular websites and mobile apps to place voice calls with the click of a button.
 A web widget can be downloaded and placed on the website where customers browsing the site can enter their mobile number to receive a call-back.
 Click-to-call widgets enable real-time voice connections from existing websites without additional costs to the customer, which results in greater conversion rates for businesses.

–Your Customers directly engage with a live agent after visiting your website, thus increasing the chances of turning your visitors into customers
–Streamline clients calls, Specific call is routed to desired person, No IVR menu to reach an agent
–Maximise online-sales opportunities by delivering higher conversion rates of potential customers
–Capture customer data and demographics for analysis and future targeting
–Reduce operating costs through Web Calls

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