Imimobile is a global mobile data infrastructure and solutions provider to mobile operators, enterpries and media companies. we serve 96 operators in 72 countries and over 100 blueo-chip clients. our services are accessible to over a billion subscribe worldwide. headquatered in hyderabad, india, we have offices in london, dubai, Athens, Mumbai, Delhi, Colombo and Dhaka and employ nearly 650 people worldwide. Imimobile has won more than 20 prestiguous awards including the cloud Africa Award and World Vendor Award.

IMImobile is a provider of various services which include Content delivery, messaging, PIM & social services, advertizing and marketing services and also multimedia services. Its other services for mobiles include Storefronts, Ringback tunes, Music-related services, Social, Connect and Promotions and also 3G services. The recently launched IMIOpenHouse is aimed at bridging the gap between telecom operators and businesses, developers & service providers. It is Open Mobile Market(OMM) based, cloud-based platform that aims to provide integrated telecom services to its customers.

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